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So Far, So Great | Study Abroad 2016

When I left for Germany this fall, my mom (who is an amazing photographer) let me borrow her “old” camera. I try and bring the camera with me everywhere I go to capture my adventures using something other than my iPhone.

Here are some pictures of my trips thus far, as well as some brief descriptions. Click the photos twice to enlarge.

Please bear with me – I’ve never used a camera before, so some of these photos are a little rough.


img_4734Above: Our first (and last) beach day in Friedrichshafen. I took advantage of the last nice day of the year and went to the lake with some friends. The water was very cold, and it made me miss summers in the mitten.


Views while walking along the lake.

I took a ferry from Friedrichshafen to Konstanz while on my way to Zürich to visit Missy. It was very cloudy and chilly, but I thought the views were still nice. On clearer days, you can see the Alps on the behind the shoreline.

Zürich: Missy was on her way back from a trip to Switzerland and she was spending the day in Zürich before flying back to Madrid. Since I only live about 2 hours from Zürich, a round-trip bus ticket is less than 20 Euro, and I had nothing better to do than hang out with her, I met up with her in Zürich for a few hours.

It was a rainy day (as you can tell by the raindrop spots on some of the photos…once again, I’m new to the whole photography thing, okay?) but it was my first time seeing Missy since we both left for Europe in August, so it was so great getting to spend time with her.

Zürich was a cool city, but like all of Switzerland, it was expensive as hell. It was a good thing I was only there for like 3 hours because I would’ve run out of money if I had stayed a second longer.


Tuscany: In the beginning of October, Missy and I both flew out to visit Monica in Rome. One of the first things on our agenda (besides drinking more than a bottle of wine each at dinner and hating ourselves the next day) was doing a vineyard tour in Arezzo, Tuscany.

I cannot emphasize enough how much I loved this place. When we arrived in Arezzo, it was raining and foggy, so we couldn’t really see the hilly landscape. But we arrived at the vineyard, which is called Pondere di Pomaio. We took a tour of the cellars and learned about the fermentation process. We also got to hear about all the ways this adorable little winery focuses on operating in a sustainable way, including producing 100% organic wines. Then we got to eat some delicious appetizers made using local food, and we tasted 3 of the wines.

By the time we were done with the tour, the fog had cleared and we could see the sunset over the hills. It was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been.

If you’re ever in Tuscany or even in Italy in general, you HAVE to go to this vineyard! They even have a cat, which made me way happier than it should’ve.

Rome: Our last full day in Rome was spent seeing the sights. Monica was an amazing tour guide, and she knew so much about, like, everything.

We went inside the Colosseum and walked through Vatican City. I was in awe of how beautiful and historic this city is. And also, the food was BOMB.

Budapest: My Dad & Eric flew out from the States to Budapest, where I met them. We hung out and toured the city for a few days. It was amazing! Eric had never been to Europe before, and I’m so glad this was the first city he got to see. Full disclosure: my camera died the first day we were there.

Budapest is probably the most underrated city I’ve ever been to. It’s gorgeous and so easy to navigate. I loved the history of the city, too. Unfortunately, we planned our museum day on a Monday, which is when all the museums are closed. So that sucked.

But I got to see my dad and brother, which did not suck at all. :)

Still to come: Morocco, Scotland, Greece, Spain, and more of Germany.

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