In Response to “Skinny Shaming”

“You are imperfect, permanently and inevitably flawed. And you are beautiful.” -Amy Bloom I was recently scrolling through Facebook in an effort to further put off studying (as one does), and I came across an article titled “You Attack My Size 0, But I Can’t Attack Your Size 16.” I’ve[…]

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I Don’t Really Care Who You’re Married To | 2016 Election

One of the only downsides to studying abroad at this time of year (aside from the inconsistent weather patterns that made packing a very difficult task) is missing election season. You might’ve already noticed that I live for politics – particularly American politics. I love my country, and being so[…]

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I’m Still Mad About Dress Codes

Here I go again. When I was getting ready to leave for college this summer, I packed up all of my favorite clothes and stuffed them in large boxes. What I soon came to realize was that my wardrobe was dictated by the ridiculously sexist standards that I had been[…]

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