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Hey there.

This blog started off as being called “Adultish Annie,” and was basically a place where my Freshman-year self worked hard to think of topics to write about that people would read.

However, the combination of the fact that nobody in college calls me “Annie” (plus the fact that “Adultish Annie” kinda sounds like the name of the porn star, which I am not…not yet, anyway) made me realize I needed to rethink the name.

Additionally, I’ve changed a lot since this blog was created. I like to think I’m a lot funnier, and I no longer care if anyone reads my blog, so I’m going to write about whatever the hell I want.

So I decided to rename the blog “Adoringly, Ann,” because I adore a lot of stuff. I have a lot of passions. I have big hopes, plans, and dreams. I’m a cautious optimist.

Anyway, here are some basic facts about me, in case you give a shit:

~I use a lot of inappropriate words, but I try to use them tastefully. If that offends you, exit your browser now.

~I’m a 20-year-old majoring in International Business & Marketing at Butler University.

~I’m a stubborn, loud, tall, opinionated, and generally very sleepy person.

~I’m a vegetarian and I love animals. I only use cruelty-free beauty products and I only eat eggs from happy hens. That probably sounds like a pretty pretentious statement, and that’s because it is.

~I like traveling, cooking, sleeping, watching TV, shopping, writing (hence the blog), chickens (not as food, but as pets), and lots of other stuff that you can read about in the “my favorite things” section.

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